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case study: why milk problems and how to solve?

Case study and solutions

Case 1: Small size mommy with flu and milk engorgement
Background:  start from 2nd week after natural delivery, breast feeding, mommy has flu symptom with light cough, medium milk engorgement, baby has a little jaundice. Mommy has very low appetite.

Observation: Mommy is thin, pale in face, speak slow and voice low, walk on bare feet when being seen.

Analysis: (1)Mommy is thin in figure, in addition to the mommy lost blood in delivery, the blood level is very low – this can be seen from the pale face; with low blood level, the “Qi” in the body is not normally sufficient, as a result, the person normally speak slow with low voice. In such a situation, the person is more prone to flu;

 (2) Without proper insulation (fully cover the body with long sleeve and long pajamas), especially without keeping feet warm, the new mommy easily catch light flu, this is called as “weak blood flu”.

(3) Such flu normally happens to the patients who lost blood in operation or ladies after delivery.

(4) There are two causes for the sickness in this case, one is blood level low, another is cold entered the body.

(5): as the flu and cold disturb the body, appetite will be low.

Solution:   the solution is taken in three directions:

                - Gently warm up the blood, without putting the mommy sweat too much (* over sweat will hurt new mommy’s “YuanQI”, should be avoided). Continue using Zisu leave, ginger and black sugar boil water for 5 days;

                * notes: before recover from flu, strong tonic herbs could not be used here, because otherwise the cough will last longer with tonic herbs pushing the cold further into deep of the body.

                - Strengthen the blood level and increase the blood circulation by stronger “Qi”.  The mixed dates and herbal drink will serve this purpuse. Mixed dates and beans in the water will improve the blood level; the Huangqi and Dangseng will strengthen the “Qi” in the body, hence the new mommy blood circulation could also be increased with stronger “Qi”. With raised blood level and improved blood circulation, the mommy’s internal system will be stronger. Automatically the resistance to disease will be increased.

                * notes: Gen seng should not be used here, because Genseng will deter the milk, which is against the breast feeding.

                - Gently soothe the milk gland, help the milk flow smoothly. Recommend mommy stopped pain killer to avoid unnecessary impact on baby, suggest mommy just continue feeding baby as much as possible and regularly clear breast every 2 or 3 hours after warm towel massage.

                * notes: avoid boosting the milk too much, because that will worsen the engorgement.

Expected result: After a week’s dual soup with herbal tea, the mother’s flu symptom should be less or gone; milk engorgement should be solved .face could see natural red on cheek, voice could be louder.


-          Continue use mixed dates and herbal tea throughout breast feeding duration, this will help blood generation and strengthen “Qi” to help milk flow;

-          Keep body warm, avoid bare feet or bare legs within 100 days after delivery;

-          Boost milk quantity from 3rd or 4th weeks after engorgement solved;

-          Drink some herbal soup to adjust appetite after the 4th week from delivery.



Case 2: Big mommy with little milk

Background: start from 4th week after normal delivery, the mommy and baby was with confinement lady after delivery, the mommy tried hard to breast feed, she daily has very little milk (120 ml). Mommy tried all kinds of medicines to boost milk, but nothing helps. Especially after the confinement lady left, the milk dropped much more.

Observation: the mommy face color is dull, low radiance out from the skin; talk voice is normal, Breast is in good size, legs and thighs are much heavier compared with upper body, no clear swelling symptom.


-           The mommy’s blood circulation is not well, this can be seen from the dull skin color and low skin radiance status.

-          The Qi is not reaching up to the upper body, this could be seen from the heavier lower body and lighter upper body. This situation normally is due to long hours sitting posture in pregnancy stage, plus lack of movement or gentle exercise during pregnancy.

-          The mommy had American Genseng after delivery, the cooling American Genseng further reduced blood circulation, and American Genseng strengthen the Middle “Qi” – hence her voice is loud -- so the Qi is kind of focused in middle body, but could not raise up to breast, and with less Upper “Qi” her milk could not processed properly.


-          Mommy has sufficient blood and Qi, Tried to boost the blood circulation and raise the Qi upper.  Asked the mommy to daily soak her feet (up to knee) in hot water from 20~30 mins before sleep.

-          Boost the milk transformation with herbs: the blood was not ready to transform to milk, gentle herbs are used to boost up the milk and give body signal that more milk needed.


After 3 soups for boosting milk, Mommy remained her milk maximum level even with insufficient sleep.
    - Continue soak feet in warm water to help blood circulation;
   - Continue boosting milk by massage or herb.