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>> Why no breast milk?

What a frustrating but common question.

It has been so common that nowadays new mommy does not have milk, or has only very little milk to just wet baby's throat to get them cry louder. 

There are several reasons for less or no milk, but before talk about anything, all mommies should understand that the milk is actually transformed from mommy blood, so, the milk is mainly depends on the mommy's blood condition.

- The mommy is very weak, for example, lost too much blood in the operation. In such a physical shock, her body will not produce milk for baby, because nature is smart, it select to reserve the nutrition for the person most in need. So,  the blood won't transform into milk, they will remain in the mommy's body.

- The mommy eat too much tonic or high nutrition/fat food, the milk vessel has been blocked up with fat!!
     If you cool down your milk in fridge, you may notice that the milk contains lots of fat -- that yellow layer on top of liquid milk! Even the blood vessels  could be blocked and lead to stock, why the milk vessels could not be blocked? It can, in fact, it is very easy to get blocked as well.

- The mommy takes too much strong herbs.
    Some herbs, such as Gensen, are very good for woman, but not exactly for new mommy. Some herb is too cooling, some is too heating, the new mommy's body will be tuned into very extreme conditions with such strong herbs, which is definitely not good for milk generation. In old days, those rich family feed their new mommy lots of such herbs, nobody complain, because anyway those babies on the breast milk of nanny, not mommy.

- The mommy's physical condition is adverse for breast feeding:
    In fact, for most of us, nothing could be seriously considered as adverse for breast feeding -- unless the new mommy is transsexual female. 
    Wear some soft bras in pregnancy, do some frequent self massage on the breast, have some good nutritious soup, you will be perfectly ready for breast feeding. No matter you have it small or big -- babies do not care about the size so much as their fathers do. 

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