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Breast feeding is very simple. No mystery, no high tech, mothers could do 1000 years back, we certainly could do now. 


If you follow several tips in your pregnancy and confinement days, you've already been successful for 80%. After that, you just need simply follow a few rules to maintain your milk quantity and keep the milk flow. Here is when, what and how:


During pregnancy: this is very important stage to get your body and breast physically ready for breast feeding (and this stage is definitely another golden stage you could boost your breast naturally after your far gone teen ages:)

    * No cold drinks, no ice-creams. avoid fruits which are too cooling or too heating.

    * Frequent massage on your breast.

    * Frequent clean on your nipples, remove sticky secretions and dead skin on top of nipple (very important!! Otherwise later your milk could not flow out through that layer of secretions)

    * have nutritious, but non-fat food, better soft and soupy stuff. Too much fat on mommy is definitely a terminator for milk (thick blood can get stroke, thick milk can get blocked).


After delivery: different stage requires different tips, we need consider the milk generation based on mommy's status.

    * The 1st week. This week is the critical recovery week for new mommy, the body won't generate much milk by itself (baby also does not drink much) because our body need time to recover its own basic main functions. This is also why normally C-section mommies take more time to generate milk -- because the mommy losts more blood in delivery.

        In this week, the mommy does not need worry too much about the milk quantity, she just need frequently and regularly let baby latch on, continuously stimulate the breast by baby suckle, the body will automatically pick up.


In the main time, mommy should take soft food and soups to get body recover and ready for milk.


-       Do Not Take medicine to boost milk. You could just get reverse effect: medicine boosts milk, but the milk could not be removed from body because of semi-blocked milk path; the body sense the milk remaining in body, so body concludes that baby does not need that much milk, then the body stop producing that much milk!

-       Do Not Take too strong tonic herbs, like ginseng or American ginsheng. Such herbs either too heating or too cooling; will hinder the milk generation.

            Common problem and tips in the first week:

This week, most new mommy struggles with the milk flow: she could feel the milk, but no flow. It is because the tunnel is not smooth. If you have done good massage job before delivery, you might suffer less, but most mommy will experience this pain.

This is natural, neither baby, nor the new mommy knows it. So the baby cries because he already worked so hard, but no reward; new mommy also cries because she feels so much pain in herself and baby is still in hunger.

You should never stop here. Some mommy asked doctor prescribe medicine to stop the milk, you should never do this, because you will lose your milk permanently for this baby.

You should just try to use breast pump to pump it out! Before pump, use warm towel to rub you breast towards nipple, then massage with hand, then pump. Repeat in this sequence: rub -> massage -> pump -> rub again -> massage again -> pump again. Very soon, you will get your milk flow like a tap!!

Some people may find the milk pump too strong, and then you can ask your hubby to be a biological pump, lots of advantages:

-       If too strong, you can knock his head to stop – guarantee he won’t fight back!,

-       Speed adjustable;

-        Save electricity,

-       Your hubby will get involved in the breast feeding journey naturally; you will continuously get his help later on – the milk flow has turned to be his mission as well.

-       The hubby will be very happy he could help something finally (imaging the helpless man watching weak wife and tiny baby suffering but nothing could he do).

*The 2nd week: Golden time to pick up breastfeeding schedule.


-       Now the mommy should have plenty of soup to boost milk, lots of it (confinement soup or milk boosting soup both can do);

-        Regularly feed baby every 2 hours or shorter interval (no problem even to feed every an hour – his tummy is so tiny, and he loves such cozy hug from mommy);

-       Follow rub-massage-feed procedure;

-       Have sufficient sleep – you could let baby sleep with you, save your energy to pick him up from cot;


-       Sleep less;

-       Try to do too much thing by yourself except baby;

-       Eat too fatty stuff to block your milk vessels;

-       Eat too cooling stuff;

-       Control diet to recover your figure (never do this, you may lost your life long health and lead to premature than your age).

*The 3rd week

This is the golden time to pick up your milk quantity!


-       Drink just lots of soup (breast milk boosting soup could be introduced now)!

-       Breastfeeding baby regularly;

-       Have nutrition balanced food;

-       Have calcium tablets (or later you may lose your tooth!)

-       Continue massage;

-       Sleep a lot, may with baby;

- get to know other breastfeeding mommies to share information and encourage each other.


-       Same with the 2nd week.

*The 4th and 5th week:

The best time to synchronize with baby about the breastfeeding schedule and breast milk quantity. Now baby and mommy’s bodies already start to talk to each other easily (don’t ask me why), both recovered from whatever shock from delivery, jaundice or anything else. Perfect time to boost milk!


-       Drink lots of soup to boost breast milk, gentler herbal and more nutritious soup than the 3rd week;

-       Rest items are the same with the 3rd week;


-       Same with the 3rd week.


Afterwards as long as breast feeding lasts:


-       Plenty soup all the time as long as breastfeeding lasts;

-       Use the herbal milk boosting soup for at least 3 days when the milk quantity drops;

-       Have good sleep;

-       Regularly express the milk or breast feed;

-       Vitamins and calcium

-       Regular massage to avoid engorgement;

-       At least directly breastfeed once or twice a day, your body need feel the baby;

-       Keep in touch with other breastfeeding peers to encourage each other.


-       Control diet to reduce weight;

-       Eat too heating or cooling food;

-       Smoke or drink alcohol;

-       Feel too guilty to baby if one day your milk quantity drops, that is normal;

-       Give up breastfeeding just because your boss is not happy (you will realize that he actually worth less than even a little toe of your baby).


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Luna Ding,
Aug 10, 2010, 1:30 AM