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Singapore is a modern city with cultures root back into multiple sources. Being pregnant here is very unique experience.

You could find the best gynecologist here, you could find the best hospital and equipments here, you daily get free advices from friendly neighbors from all regions: chinese, malay, indian, Indonesians, etc.

But you are always on your own. 

You have to visit hospitals on your own, you have to plan everything on your own. You even hardly have a good friend to share your experiences: among 5 of your friends, might get 2 are single in their late 30 and 40s, 1 in on her 10 years love story marathon, 1 is from DINK family, and another with a kid who is 18 years old, doing oversea education. You are just so isolated and lonely in your pregnancy, you are undergoing all mental and physical challenges in one shot:

- Your boss might not be happy with you from the minute he/she gets know your great news. When he is telling congratulations, he/she might be indeed thinking an excuse to transfer you or even fire you;

- Your work stress is just too much: 50% travel for job, 10 hours working everyday, demanding clients -- nothing will stop just because you are expecting!

- You might get panic when observe some blood spot in the morning in your 3rd month pregnancy, but nobody tell you it could be just ok if the amount is very little, it even could be the symptom that fetus firmly implantation on your womb;

- You husband might be too busy to listen to your pain: in fact, singapore husbands are much better compared with many other countries, at least they are busy working to earn for you and baby. 

- Singapore is so hot and you just could not resist the cold drinks -- it is not recommended as traditional concepts.

- etc... 

How to have a happy pregnancy in Singapore?

Key factor is: relax and enjoy.

- Never take pressure from peers: Children is personal choice. If you do love children, then you really do not need to listen to those who keep scaring you with terrible baby stories: maybe they just could not get conceived and they just try consoling themselves when convincing you that children are expensive burdens, which will never pay back their investment -- sounds crazy, right?

- Never take pressure from work: Work is to earn money, money is just for your life, but children is part of your life. Do not have children due to work pressure is very common nowadays, but it is the last reason you should buy to give up your children.

- Never take pressure from your boss: Except being your boss on title basis, he is just a normal guy in real life. why take him so seriously? Greedy is common disease of all bosses, you do not need to pamper that bad habit by scarifying yourself too much.

- Take lots of fruits and liquids: To survive in hot Singapore as a overloaded pregnant mommy, you need have plenty of liquids to survive from heat, take warm water to ease thirst, take juice and fruits will equip you with all necessary vitamins, which could compensate to the low food intake due to lack of appetite. 

- Pamper yourself: Now your husband might be sweeter even than your honeymoon period, so, best time to pamper yourself with the best "yes-man" in world.
- Enjoy yourself with life: as pregnant, your six senses are much stronger, your taste-buts are sharper, your nose are acuter, even your dreams are accurater, and never forget that your sex life is more beautiful with your senses upgraded! Just enjoy your new powers and have a happy life.