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One day, Leena was just about to enter a small room to pump the milk, her manager came and started:
"Leena, how are you?"

"Fine, thanks, what's up?" this guy is pretty not himself today, he never greeting to anyone before.

"En~ I am thinking whether can you finish such jobs at home before office hour?" he peeped at Leena's hand, pointing at the milk pump in Leena's hand.

"..... Sir, you have 2 children, if I am not wrong?" Leena tried to remind some humanity to this species in front of her.

"Yes, they are also on breast feeding!" The animal is very proud.

"Was your wife working? Did she get problem in breast feeding?" -- this is very important.

"Ya, she was working ~~" lots of up and down in his tone, obviously lying. 

"Lucky your wife, but sir, if you could  use toilet at home, only in non-office hours, I may probably try to pump milk at home only!" Leena showed a big, beautiful and fake smile on her face.