Is soup sufficient?

Many people believes eating the solid meat or fish is the only way to gain sufficient milk, they even ask: what is in soup? it is pure liquid!! Water only~

In this way, our liquid breast milk should also be "water only"~ ~

I guess not, otherwise, new mommies won't struggle now: the PUB bill increased, but still cheap enough for baby to drink, if "water only" can satisfy a baby growth.

If mommy has to produce 1 liter milk a day, she should drink at least a liter liquid to compensate the milk loss from her body, right? What kind of liquid could quickly transform into milk in mommy's magic body? Soup is probably the most direct and most efficient liquid supply for mommy'd body to create milk with lease effort.

Pretty Mommy's soup has been cooked for hours, ensuring the best ingredients for milk generation coming out into the soup. 

Leena's experience was: within two hour after a big bowl of soup, the milk is normally increased, you will sense it from your heavier breast.