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Pretty mommy is started by Leena, a mommy of three. 


The first baby was huge, he drank up to 1.5L breast milk a day in his peak days; the second and third babies are twins, they consumed up to 1.8L a day in total. Leena, with great support from her mother, successfully breast fed three boys till their first birth days.


In spite of own successful breast feeding experience, Leena noticed surrounding friends suffering from all kind of problems: very little milk, milk goes away after several weeks, or just totally no milk!

New mommies are struggling: they over stressed their nipples with daily excessive pumping; they stuff themselves with whatever confinement ladies or sales men promote. They are daily having those most expensive herbs which hardly have any effect in boosting milk, some of them even hinders milk generation, such as Gensen.


With own breast feeding experience, with the family knowhow, Leena decides to help all breast feeding mommies who encountered difficulty in breast feeding.


Leena will company you to start, enjoy and accomplish your breast feeding journey.


Hope all mommies easy get back to their healthy and beauty figures; hope all babies daily enjoy the most delicious mommy milk till tummy full.