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>> To watch out in hospital after delivery

A true case.

Baby was born premature but healthy, kept in hospital nursery; Mom stayed in the her suite, under observation due to low blood pressure. 

Lack of experience, new mom did not ask nurse to keep the baby with her; lack of experience as well, the family laid all trust to hospital nurses to take care of the new born, leaving baby in the nursery.

Several days later, before discharge from hospital, suddenly the doctor mentioned:"Your baby showed low blood sugar, need further observation..." the parents had no clue at that time that, Low blood sugar is due to lack of milk intake! The baby drank slow, so the nurse just stopped feeding after sometime, while the baby was still not well fed. the result was the baby turned to be weaker and weaker, blood sugar dropped continuously, he fell into sleep much longer because of low blood sugar, and the nurse did not feed him because he was sleeping. Terrible cycle and finally the blood sugar dropped to alarming level, finally some doctor noticed this and then asked the nurse to force feed the baby. After one week, baby was normal and sent back home, from then on the baby was always well fed and never experienced similar situation.

The story did not end here. 

Three and half years later, the family observed some abnormal symptom about this child. he does not speak, does not interact with other people, as if all the time in his own world.

Parents checked with all kinds of doctors, including psychologist. All physical check of the baby was good, finally narrowed down the investigation to ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders). No clue of the cause, but doctor narrowed down some possible causes, though most are generally non-related to this case, one cause caught parents eyes: lack of nutrition in fetus or new born period was one possible reason. The mother immediately recalled the low blood sugar condition in hospital -- that was the only event when the baby was under fed.

Till now, nothing was conclusive, but as parents, please do watch out: if your baby is quiet type, it is possible that he/she will not be fed or treated properly by the hospital nurse, which could be more serious than just starve for a while.