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>> Soup or Solid food?

After having soup, within one hour or two, you can feel the milk building up through your heavy breast; but with solid food, it takes much longer time.

Now days new mommy's problem is not lack of nutrition -- look at our size -- hence we do not need stuff lots of solid food to grow our health and generate milk. We just need fine tune our body to regain the health and in the same time, produce lots of milk.

Soup is a good choice. Certain herbal soups can tune your health, boost milk efficiently and you will gain no fat. 

    - Normal soup does not have the above function because the ingredients is not designed to tune the mommy's health. 

    - Normal tonic herbs in soup is not the right option for new mommies, given the special health condition of new mommy. 

        Most tonic herbs, such as Gensen or 8 treasures should not be used at this confinement moment for several factors:

                - some mommy are too weak to directly use such strong herbs, most tonic herbs are too heating or too cooling for confinement lady;

                - certain herbs hinder milk generation;

                - some herbs may contain ingredients that impact on baby health and well-being.  

    - Solid tonic food is definitely inferior to soup in generating milk. 

        Body need liquid to generate milk, you will not get milk only on solid diet, unless you go out of the way to drink extra water or other fluid on top.

Pretty Mommy's soup is designed for mommies who plan for breast feeding. Each bowl of soup has its own bio-function to fine tune mommies' body in certain stage, so new mommy could physically recover quickly and hence the body could produce milk for baby efficiently.