No milk, or milk just goes away after several weeks? What the new mommy could do for the little hungry & angry angle? 


Pretty Mommy is here for you.


Pretty Mommy believes that the ultimate health of the new mommy is the key factor for the successful breast feeding. 


With a bowl of soup, you could smoothly start your milk factory;

With a bowl of soup, you could proactively prevent the pain such as engorgement or blockage, etc.;

With a bowl of soup, you could generate large amount of milk to fulfill your babies "unlimited" hunger...


Pretty mommy selects the gentlest and effective herbs to suit special need of each confinement stage for new mommies. 

Pretty Mommy specially processes all ingridents into soup form to avoid unnecessary overtaking of fatty stuff.


With soup, new mommies could obtain sufficient nutrition and liquid to generate plenty of milk, with herbs and specially selected premium food ingredients, Qi and blood of mommy will be adjusted and balanced.


Different from traditional confinement food, Pretty Mommy helps you regain your health and beauty without bring extra fat to your body. Most of all, Pretty Mommy guarantee to make you a great, productive milk factory!