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IV: Female health supplementary
A woman's beauty shines from inside... 

Do you experience unbearable menses pain? Do you monthly experience excessive menstrual flow? Are you pale in face? Are you losing hairs or get grey hairs in your young ages? Do you face difficulty in conceiving babies? All problems link to one root: the irregular blood circulation and Qi balance in the female body.

Pretty mommy female health supplementary will help you solve your menses pain or excessive menstrual flow. As a consequence, the symptom of losing hair or grey hair will be solved. As a surprising result, the conceiving rate is accordingly increased.

Try pretty mommy female health supplementary packages, which are processed purely from food ingredients and precious tonic herbs. You will enjoy your freedom to be a pretty woman.

Vitality sesame paste: An ancient recipe for beauty...

This recipe is recorded in <本草纲目> as female health and beauty supplementary. 
It has been used by the Tang royal beauty, 杨贵妃, as secret beauty supplementary; In Qing dynasty, the last queen, 慈禧,also used this recipe as her daily dessert for health care. 

Pretty mommy has modified this recipe to suit Singapore weather condition. All ladies could benefit from this supplementary in both health and beauty; for those suffer from urine acid problem, this recipe could also be used as routine health supplementary.




Price (RM)


Preconceive Dangui Paste (1 months)

Morning & evening



Prenatal Soup (28 days)

Lunch or Dinner



Female Vitality Sesame Paste (1 month)

Morning & evening



Female Vitality Sesame Paste (3 month)

Lunch or Dinner