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III: Premium Confinement and Milk Boosting Soups

Healthy, beautiful and sexy motherhood starts here

This package is custom designed for confinement recovery for several types of mommies:

- Those went through pregnancy complications: 

Picky eater, underweighted, overweighted, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, vomiting, twins... different symptoms, the similar struggles, which may result in underweighted or weak babies, poor health and stress of new mommy. Gentle and nutritious meals are prepared for these mommies and hence to ensure good milk for babies.

- Those went through delivery complications: 

Delivery complication is normally accompanied by heavy bleeding, it also has higher chance of internal blood congestion after the delivery. Herbs which are milder to stimulate blood while stronger in detoxification are specially selected for such new mommies; more nutritious and digestible ingredients will be used in such soups.

- Those went through multiple deliveries: 

With multiple delivery, the skin texture in belly and muscles in womb have been over stressed and lost the elasticity. Specific herbs will be selected to stimulate the skin and muscle recovery, ingredients with more collegians will be used for better the skin and joints development.

- Those gave birth after 35:

After their 30s, ladies get slower in absorbing Calcium from normal diet. After 35, most ladies could only rely on their calcium storage in body. To be pregnant and do breast feeding in this age, the mothers have much higher chance to suffer from osteoporosis in their later ages. Specially precessed soups rich in calcium and collegians are prepared for such mommies - thus processed calcium is much easier to be absorbed by mommies.

- Those has low blood level and Qi deficiency before delivery:

To keep beautiful figures, most ladies have different level of diet control before pregnancy. The imbalanced diet and poor eating habit sometimes lead to Qi or blood level deficiency, this deficiency status will be worsen in pregnancy. To efficiently make up the blood lose and strengthen the Qi & vitality power is key task in such cases. With deficiency in blood and Qi, such new mommies normally have hard time to manage breast feeding. After the blood level and Qi has been strengthen, the breast milk will automatically come with ease.

Such soups are also recommended to those slow in metabolism rate.


breast milk boosting Package


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3-Day breast milk boosting Dual-soup

Lunch & Dinner



3-Day breast milk boosting Single-soup

Lunch or Dinner



5-Day breast milk boosting Dual- soup

Lunch & Dinner



5-Day breast milk boosting Single-soup

Lunch or Dinner



14-Day breast milk boosting Dual-soup

Lunch & Dinner



14-Day breast milk boosting Single- soup

Lunch or Dinner



3-Day breast milk emergency boosting plan

Lunch & Dinner