Herb selection for confinement

Herbs are used in confinement soups, but to control the effect on confinement mommies, the right part of the herb should be selected; the right amount should be used, and the combination of herbs should be planned; the most important, the possible side effect should be considered and be taken care with other compensations. 

Normally the stem, leaves, flowers and seeds all have some certain function, but the function could be stronger or gentler based on the different locations, and sometimes the function could be even reverse for different parts. 

for example, the purple perrila could be used to cure flu/cold symptoms, while, the stem has stronger function than leaves, which could remove the cold in the bone when the leaves are only good at cold in the surface. But Purple perrila has an side effect if overtaken, that might hurt the vitality by sweating too much. So for cold in confinement stage, two precautions should be bear in mind when use this herb:  

- select the most gentle part: flowers;
- another herb to compensate vitality energy should be taken after certain interval. 

The same concept should be applied in all confinement recipes, whenever you are going to use herbs.