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Organic ingredients, No MSG, No artificial flavoring, No preservatives.

Ingredients:                   Black sesame, walnuts, dates, pine nuts (optional based on clients health type) and upto 10 types of rest precious herbs.

Function:                       Improve blood quality;

                                     Prevent hair lose;

                                     Boosting hair growth;

                                     Prevent children’s asthma symptom;

                                     Prevent arthrolithiasis (urine acid problem)

Recommend to those:   Grey hair or losing hair in young age,

                                    Prone to asthma symptom,

                                    With family trend of asthma,

                                    Suffering from high urine acid;

                                    With anemia symptoms.

How does this sesame paste work?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine theories, it is believed that hair is rooted in the blood, the hair quality direct reflects the blood quality. For those experienced heavy loss of blood, their hair quality and quantity will be impacted within several months, either hair drops or permanent hair loss; for those experience sudden excessive worry in short time, their hair may grow grey very soon, it is because the worry hurts the liver, which is the main organ to process blood.

This sesame paste used up to 10 types of natural food ingredients to balance and boost blood healthy grow. With this paste, for those suffering from anemia symptoms, people’s red cell count could double within 6 months. For rest with hair problems, within 6 months, clients could experience obvious hair growth in the hair dropping area.

Hair lose is due to blood imbalance in the body, this sesame paste directly work on improving blood quality, hence it is very effective in boosting hair growth.

In western medicine concepts, hair growth and hair losing are due to Helmond change. This is why more male lost their hair than females. Many western medicine tries to work on humane Helmond to boost the hair grow, while there are lots of side effect and the effect could not last after the medicine stops.

Because the sesame paste ingredients are all precious food items, no side effect detected. Also because it directly works on balance and improve the humane blood quality, the problem bouncing back was also not detected.