Recipe and functions

I: Preconceive supplementary

Function: Remove menstrual pain, adjust menstrual flow; warm up womb.

Recommend to those have conceiving difficulty or with menstrual disorders or pain.


II: Prenatal soup

            Function: Balanced nutrition provides strength for your smooth delivery; Release water retention; get rid of nausea and dizziness.

                Recommend before delivery, for those who plan breast feeding.


III: Confinement soup          

            Function: regaining health, getting milk, no fat

1: Degassing soup:

            Soothing the stomach, adjust Qi, help pass gas, increase appetite.

            Recommend after delivery, especially after cessation, for those with gas problems. 

2: Milk boosting soup:

Function: Boost the milk generation, improve the milk quantity and thickness.

            Recommend after delivery, for all breast feeding mommies.

3: Scar away soup:

            Function: help wound recovery, soften and strengthen scar tissue, smoothen skin texture.

            Recommend for those with cessation, severe tear, or normal operation.

4: Milk free flow soup:

Function: soothe breast swelling and blockage, strengthen breast tissue to reduce breast problem

Recommend for those with breast pain and swelling, or suffer from engorgement.

 5: Womb shrinkage soup:

            Function: boost womb shrinkage after delivery, prevent prolapsed of uterus;

            Recommend for all after delivery, including normal and C-section delivery.

6: Discharge clearing soup:

            Function: to clear blood congestion, improve blood circulation.

            Recommend to all after delivery, miscarriage or abortion, especially those with prolonged brown/black discharge.

7: Bowl clearing soup:

            Function: to lubricate the intestine, smooth bowl movement;

            Recommend for mommies after delivery, and those with constipation or dry/hard stool.

8: Wean with ease soup:

            Function: to promptly stop milk without pain and delay.

            Recommend for those to stop breast feeding or plan no breast feeding.

9: Depression away soup:

            Function: to soothe emotional stress and prevent postnatal depression.

Recommend to those with postnatal depression or mental stress.

10: Multiple nutrition soup:

            Function: overall wellbeing, recover the health

            Recommend for all continuous breast feeding mommies or those after operation.


IV: Vitality paste (sesame paste)      

            Function: improve blood quality, boost vitality, boosting hair growth.

            Recommend for:

1: those suffering from losing hair or early grey hair;

2:  those prone to gout or high urine acid;

3: those with premature symptoms;

4: children prone to asthma or repeating flu;

5: women with menstrual disorder or heavy discharge